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SIlicone Quick Fix Tape - Stretch, Wrap & Seal it Fast!

Silicone Quick Fix Tape is an Emergency Repair Tape that is
Flexible, Super Strong, Airtight and Watertight!

Silicone Quick Fix Tape is Perfect for Plumbing, Electrical, Auto, Home & Garden, Marine and So Much More!

Silicone Quick Fix Tape, the incredible self-fusing silicone tape for fixing almost anything! Make emergency repairs on a garden hose, radiator hose, or even PVC and copper pipes. Use Silicone Quick Fix Tape instead of electrical tape and seal up wires and connections with a waterproof seal. Silicone Tape can be used for a variety of repairs around the home, on vehicles, and also industrial repairs. Just stretch, wrap, and Quick Fix Tape will seal it fast!